Recording & GUI MAP
Content sensitive & analog recording - Selective recording - Introduction & creating GUI map file - Global and per test modes

Automated Verification:
Verifying GUI Objects - Verifying database - Verifying bitmaps - Text Recognition - Analysis and Reporting

Batch tests & Regular Expressions:
Creating and running a batch test - Viewing and analyzing batch test result - Creating and using regular expressions - Regular expressions in projects

Test Script Language(TSL):
Recording and programming - Variables & Operations - Flow control - Input/Output Compiler/Interpreter

Custom Controls
Identifying custom controls - Mapping custom controls on standard controls - Testing custom controls - The Virtual object wizard

Recovery Scenarios:
Introduction - Simple Scenarios - Compound Scenarios - Exceptions in projects

Introductions to Synchronization - Test execution dependent on time behavior of test object - Synchronization and wait

DDT and DB functions
Concept of the data driven test - Reading data from excel sheet - Writing data to excel sheet Importing data from data table - Adding parameters - Reading data from Data-tables using db functions

Functions and Reusable libraries
Generating customized libraries - Local vs. Global functions - Adding functions to the function generator - Loading DLLs

Startup Script - Adding custom checkpoints Runtime wizard - Rapid script wizard

Web testing
Recording & Checkpoints - Conducting data driven tests - Checking frame properties - Checking and structure and content - Verifying broken links - Web exceptions

TSL Programming
Context sensitive functions - Analog functions - Standard functions - Customization function

Why QTP - Comparison with other commercial tools - Main components in QTP - Scripts view modes - Keyword View, Expert view

Record and Playback
Introduction - Types of recording and playback: Context sensitive - Analog - Low level

Object learning and identification
Object repository - Object spy - Object repository Modes: Shared, Peraction

Introduction - Applying check points - Standard, Bitmap – Database - Text - XML, Accessibility - Page, Image

Parameterising Values
Steps and checkpoints parameterization - Testing and action input parameters - Data table parameters - Environment variable parameters - Random number parameters

Working With Actions
Multiple actions - Using global and action data sheets - Creating new actions - Calling existing actions - Setting action properties - Setting action call properties - Sharing action information

Database Recovery
Recover from loss of a control file - Recover from loss of a redo log file - Recover from loss of a data file

Working with data tables
Working with global and action sheets - Editing data table - Importing data from a database

Regular Expressions
Understanding regular expressions - Applying regular expressions for property values - Applying regular expressions for checkpoint values

Inserting steps using Step Generator - Generating "with" statements – Synchronization - Virtual Objects - Measuring transactions - Smart identification

Configuring Object Identification
Custom and standard objects - Mapping custom to standard objects - Defining mandatory and assistive properties

Output Values
Outputting property values - Outputting text values - Outputting database values - Outputting XML values

Test Director
Adding Test Requirements - Characteristics of a useful requirement - Importance of tracing and tracking – Requirements - Reviewing and building a requirements structure - Entering requirements manually and importing from word and excel

Adding test cases
Characteristics of a useful test case Parameters - Creating manual test cases and importing from word - Saving a winRunner script to TestDirector Requirements coverage

Test sets and test execution
Creating folder and test sets - Defining test - execution flow and properties - Manual test execution - Logging defects during manual testing - Automated test execution - Setting run times

Defect tracking
The defect life cycle - Searching for similar defects - Deleting defects

Reporting and Analysis
Analysis menu graphs - Advanced Reporting

Visual Source Safe
What is version control
File-Based vs. Project-Based access control - Release management - Project management

Using the SourceSafe client
Creating new projects - Managing existing projects- Using VSS on a daily basis- Checklist - Daily Tasks - Get latest version Check in / Check out - Using comments - Undo check out

Project tasks
Moving projects - Removing projects - Renaming and deleting projects - Labeling projects -Working folders

Project reporting and tracking with VSS
Checking project history - Checking project differences -The file reports

Using the VSS Administrator
Managing VSS databases - Managing VSS users - Managing user rights - Using the admin Tools

Testing Concepts
Basis of testing
Automated & Criteria - Cyclomatic Complexity and Connection Matrix - Difference between Black box testing and White box testing - When to stop testing?

Software Development Lifecycle
SDLC - Models of SDLC - Software Testing lifecycle

Types of Testing
Analysis menu graphs - Advanced Reporting - Important Definitions in Real Time - Test Plan and Test Cases - Bug Tracking Process and Maintenance cycle

Different documents in SDLC - Hierarchy, Roles and Responsibilities

CMM, ISO - Resume Preparation - HR Interview

CM Plan
Configuration Management