Planning Overview
Overview of the planning process with SAP ECC 6.0 (and SAP R/3) - Overview of the master data and transaction data required for planning - Sales and operations planning (SOP) - Demand management - Long-term planning (LTP) - Material requirements planning (MRP) - Capacity evaluations - Integration with production -Looking ahead to advanced planning (SAP SCM APO)

Production Planning
Overview of the planning process within SAP ECC - Overview of the master and transaction data relevant to production planning - Overview of Master Planning using Sales and Operations Planning - Introduction to Demand Management (DM) - Overview of Long-Term Planning (LTP) - Overview of Master production scheduling (MPS) - Introduction to Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) - Introduction to Capacity evaluations (CRP) - Order-controlled production with production orders – Order controlled production with process orders. - Repetitive manufacturing

Capacity Planning
Integration of capacity planning - Analysis of capacity requirement - Maintenance of available capacity - Scheduling with the tabular and graphical planning board - Scheduling strategies - Scheduling control - Capacity reduction – Sequencing - Mass processing of dispatchings or deallocations - Links with human resources management (requirements, qualifications) - System settings for available capacity, capacity evaluation, and capacity leveling

Flexible Planning:
Planning n the basis of the LIS – SOP - Flexible planning - Comparison of level-by-level planning, consistent planning, aggregatio and disaggregation - Generation of master data (planning hierarchies and proportional factors) - Product group planning - Planning types and macros - Navigation in interactive planning - Statistical forecasting technique - Rough-cut resource and capacity planning - Consideration of market information about results - Generation of planned independent requirements (transfer to demand planning) - Mass processing for forecasts, macro calculation, and transfer - Interface between Profitability Analysis (CO/PA) and the LIS - Product allocation

Flexible Planning
Master data - Planning run and evaluation - Lot size calculation - Forecasting in consumption-based planning - Source determination during MRP - MRP areas and storage locations