Organizational Units and Master Data in Plant Maintenance
Organizational Units- Maintenance Plant and Planning Plant - Work Centers - Storage Locations
Functional Locations: - Structure Indicator - Reference Location and Functional Location - Creation Options - Data Transfer

Installation/Dismantling at Functional Locations - Equipment Hierarchy - Change Documentation - Equipment Category

Material and Serial Numbers
Serial Number Profile - Goods Movement and Warehouse Stock - Valuation Batches

Bills of Material (BOM):
Assemblies - BOM Categories - Item Categories - Change Documentation

Additional Functions
Configuration - Classification - Measuring Points and Counters - Partners and Addresses - Document Link - Status Management - Permits and Warranties - Data Transfer

Preventive Maintenance Processing:
Notification Types - Objects and Object Information - Catalogs and Catalog – Profiles - List Viewer for Notifications and Orders - Order Type - Object List - Operation List - Relationships - Material List - Availability Check - Order Release and Printing - Material Withdrawal - Completion Confirmation in Time - Technical Completion Confirmation - Technical Completion - Action Log and Document Flow

Processing External Services:
External Services as Individual Purchase Order - External Services with External - Work Centers - External Services with Service Entry Sheets

Processing Refurbishment Tasks
Valuation Type and Valuation Category in the Material Master - Refurbishment - Without Serial Numbers - Refurbishment with Serial Numbers - Inventory Management and Controlling

Processing Maintenance Projects:
Planning and Executing Maintenance Projects - Completion, Settlement, and Monitoring of Maintenance Projects

CATS - Cross-Application Time Sheets:
Data Entry Profile - Data Entry Sheet - Data Transfer

Capacity Planning:
Scheduling - Work Center and Available Capacity - Capacity Leveling - Employee Assignment

Controlling Functions in Plant Maintenance :
Plant Maintenance in the Organizational Structures of Accounting :
Budget Planning and Monitoring - Cost Estimation - Planned/Actual Cost Determination - Order Settlement - Logistics Information System (LIS) - Plant Maintenance Information System (PMIS) - Enhancement Options

Preventive Maintenance :
Task List Management:
Task List Types - Profile and User Fields - Component Assignment - Task List and Order

Single Cycle Plan:
Structure - Scheduling Indicator - Deadline Monitoring

Strategy Plan:
Maintenance Strategy - Task List and Maintenance Strategy

Performance-Based Maintenance Planning:
Counters and Measurement Documents - - Maintenance Plan Scheduling