SAP HANA Introduction and Architecture

SAP HANA Overview - SAP In-Memory Computing Overview - SAP HANA Features - Look and feel of SAP HANA - SAP HANA Architecture - SAP HANA Landscape - Structure of SAP in-memory Computing studio - Row store and column store Architecture -
Multi Version Currency Control(MVCC) - Persistence Layer in In-memory Computing Engine - Back up &Recovery - High-Availability - Distributed System - Data Provisioning options in SAP HANA - Reporting options on SAP HANA - Security options in HANA - SAP HANA Appliance Model - How SAP HANA Appliance is delivered - Sizing Considerations - SAP HANA - Licensing Options - SAP HANA Project Implementation - Overview: Key Activities - Key Roles - Key Points to keep in mind - Administration

Basic Modeling

Modeling Overview - Terminology - SAP HANA Studio Features - Information Modeler Overview - Installation and Configuration of HANA Studio - Prerequisites for Modeling - Modeling Considerations - Levels of Modeling - Attribute Views - Analytic Views - Modeling Considerations -
Joins: Different types and when to use what. - Where Class Vs Constraint Filters - HANA Studio  Preview (use with Caution) - Impact of Query Execution - Demo - Modeling Suggestions - Troubleshooting Modeling Issues - Export and Import Models

    Reporting on HANA with BI 4.0

HANA Reporting Layer & Connectivity Options - Reporting on HANA Clients - Reporting on HANA Open Interfaces - Prerequisites for reporting on SAP HANA - IMDB client installation - Setting up new connection - SAP Business Objects BI4.0:Overview & tool comparison - Analytical Reporting on HANA - Relational Reporting on HANA - Reporting on HANA Demo Included - Native Excel Interface via ODBO - SAP Business Object Analysis(Office Edition) - SAP Business Object Explorer - Semantic Layer Approach - IDT Vs Universe Designer - SAP BOBJ Web I - SAP BOBJ Xcelsius - SAP Crystal Reports - Enterprise Vs 2011 - Front end tool reporting considerations on top of HANA - Troubleshooting common reporting issues

Advanced Data Modeling with SQL Script

Modeling Overview - Calculation View :Overview & Types - SQL Script :Motivation - SQL Script: Overview - SQL Script Processing - Data Type Extensions - Scalar Data type - Table type -
Functional Extension - Concept - Procedure - Procedure Calls - Implementing Functional logic -
Operators - SQL Script/Built in Function - Debugging and troubleshooting SQL Script -

Restrictions for SQL Statement

Data Provisioning: Data Services

Data Provisioning :Overview - Data Provision Options - Trigger Based Replication - ETL-Based Replication - Log-Based Replication - SAP Business Objects Data Services 4.0 and HANA - ODP enabled Extractor Support in Data Services 4.0 - HANA and Data Service Process flow for SAP and non-SAP data - How it works for SAP System - How it works for Non-SAP System -
Advanced Data Service options - Column tables creation - Bulk loader options & config - Bulk extracting options & config - Log based replication overview - Technical system landscape - User administration - Authorization - Installing log based replication - Updating the SAP host agent on source system - Installing Sybase components - Deploying the SAP HANA load controller and related components - Configuring log based replication - Configure SAP HANA load controller on SAP HANA system - Initializing replication using SAP HANA system - Initializing replication using SAP HANA load controller


Data provisioning overview - SAP landscape transformation set-up - Options for SLT landscape installation - Post installation stem - Concept of SLT replication - Architecture and key building block - Technical requirement and system set-up information for LT replication server - Key benefits of LT replicating server - Transformational capabilities - Operations - Security and user management in HANA - Creation of users - Creation of roles - Assignment privileges to roles - Assignment of users to roles