Effective Learning

Pairsoft realizes that students enter with varying Japanese language backgrounds that may have stressed different aspects of learning. Special emphasis is placed on holistic language education, stressing all four communication skills—listening, speaking, reading, and writing—to help students master general knowledge of the Japanese language, usable fluency, and vital Japanese context, In classes, language instruction takes place entirely in direct method. 

Continually translating Japanese to students native languages (often with totally different grammar structures) would take a significant cognitive effort for students. The task of constantly converting between Japanese and English is counter-productive to learning to think in Japanese. 

• Private lessons on a fixed schedule

• Reasonable Fee, No Registration Fee!

• Start any time. From beginner to an advanced.

• Daily conversation, business conversation, and or preparation for the Japanese Proficiency Test. 
It all depends on you!

• Classes may be scheduled Saturday and Sunday between 10:30 and 12:00 .

• Take a lesson with friends or family at the same level as you and receive discount off your tuition fee.

• We recommend that you set up a fixed day and time to guarantee your specific time slot and teacher.

• From a Beginner to Advanced Level or Japanese Language Proficiency Test Preparation.