1. Software Consulting - Pair Soft Technologies

Pair Soft Technologies People's business idea is to offer highly qualified economists to the industry. We have consultancy assignments within payroll, HR and administration as well as within technical speciality fields. The consultancy assignments usually last approximately 12-18 months.

Pair Soft Technologies People offers fixed employment to our consultants:

The following factors are considered: Higher education in finance, relevant experience, and that the candidate is motivated by learning, working with a variety of clients and in different working environments. Adaptability and good communication skills as well as the ability to work in a team are prerequisites for permanent employment at Pair Soft Technologies.

Experience across industries and companies:
By choosing to work as an Pair Soft Technologies consultant, you will have the opportunity to gain experience in different industries and companies. Constantly meeting new challenges means that you are building your own career path faster as well as developing personal skills that are important to succeed in your working life. The accumulation of these factors means that you increase your own market value.

Challenging, but secure!

Pair Soft Technologies must build loyalty and integration in order to take good care of its employees. This includes professional development, salaries, hierarchic development and social contact in an organisation characterised by distance in its day-to-day work. In order to assure a sense of belonging and development we offer our consultants professional training in updates, courses and social gatherings.

"As a permanent employee at Pair Soft Technologies People I get the best of both worlds: Challenging projects that give me a steeper learning curve, while also providing the security and benefits on which permanent employment is based."

"Being a consultant means that you are continuously assessed by the customer and consultant manager. Receiving constructive feedback makes you learn a lot about yourself and what you do well as well as what you can improve.

Pair Soft Technologies has given me the opportunity to build an attractive CV!"